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"Aimee was our post-partum doula and she was a saint.  I honestly don't know how we would have made it through without her.  My wife had some postpartum challenges and Aimee was the absolute perfect calming, supportive presence.  Aimee is incredibly knowledgeable and has great intuition with moms and babies.  She brought a sense of peace to our home as we made the transition to parenthood.  I really can't express enough how wonderful Aimee is - I would wholeheartedly recommend her." D.M.



"She was invaluable during the labor process.  She was so supportive to me, but most importantly, a second hand, a voice of reason and a element of steadiness to my husband.  In the end, despite several unplanned events (not laboring at home, being induced, being constantly monitored), I was able to have the unmedicated delivery I desired and could not have done it without Aimee." ~M.B.



"The best thing that Aimee did was keep me at home longer. A big part of my birth plan was laboring at home as long as possible, so when I started asking to go to the hospital Aimee distracted me by suggesting that I have a snack, go to the bathroom, take a walk, etc. I arrived at the hospital already 7cms dilated! Aimee kept me focused and calm during transition and pushing, reminding me to take deep breaths and relax between contractions. It was really wonderful to have her there. I probably would have freaked out and asked for medications if it was just my husband and I, but Aimee helped me deal with the pain naturally. My husband bought me a button that says "My doula was worth the moolah," and I think that is more than true!" ~L.A.



"I really cannot overstate how helpful Aimee was to us!! I had a long, complicated labor with multiple interventions and some tricky interactions with hospital personnel. Aimee was a calm, steady presence throughout. She provided direct support to me during all stages of the labor, she suggested comfort measures for me and my partner, she helped us both rest, and she was invaluable during pushing. At one point when labor did not appear to be progressing and we were worried about a C-section, Aimee employed acupressure techniques that helped position our baby and helped us have a vaginal delivery. It was amazing!!! After our son was born, he had to be taken to the nursery for observation and Aimee stayed with me so I wasn’t left on my own. Aimee checked in with us the day after the birth and came back to our house to see how we were doing. She had taken pictures of the birth and helped us fill in gaps in our memory.  Aimee also came to provide postpartum support after my partner went back to work. Whether it was helping me with breast-feeding, helping with stuff around the house, or watching the baby while I took much-needed naps and showers, it was invaluable to have that kind of support. We would recommend Aimee a thousand times over!" ~M.V.



"Not once- even in the midst of birth when I was getting the dreaded interventions - did she offer criticism or make me feel like I was doing the "wrong" thing. In fact, she made me feel completely confident in my decision when I finally asked for an epidural." ~B.P.



"I highly recommend Aimee Patke-Kubes as a doula for birth and postpartum services. My husband and I selected Aimee based on her low-key, kind, calming presence. I was fearful of the birth process, and was also somewhat embarrassed of my fears. Aimee was non-judgmental and soothing in inviting me to discuss my concerns. She always made time for me and never minimized my feelings. She provided an optimal blend of affirming my emotions while providing useful information to demystify some aspects of birth that I found overwhelming. Aimee was also very open and affirming towards whatever birth plan I chose, allowing me to lead the way with my preferences. Aimee also introduced all kinds of small ways to make me feel more empowered over my birth process. She suggested many options that I never would have thought of myself, or perhaps would not have felt permission to request of my healthcare providers. As a result, I became a more informed patient and was able to introduce certain topics of conversation with my Ob/Gyn that lead to a birth plan that worked very well for me. Aimee was an excellent advocate and helped me to write a birth plan to take to the hospital. Aimee has a calm, friendly, and diplomatic demeanor, to which our healthcare providers responded to very positively. During the delivery, Aimee was an integral part of the delivery team participating alongside the physician and nurse. While I was in labor, I was able to call Aimee for on-the-spot support, and she came quickly to the hospital upon my request. My husband later stated that he was greatly relieved upon her arrival because just seeing her familiar face helped him to feel that everything was going to be okay. Aimee has a mature competence and an affirming, open-minded spirit. I would recommend her for anyone regardless of the kind of birth process you plan to have." ~S.K.



"I felt very taken care of by Aimee and we feel so lucky that she was there for us.  She is great at being there just enough when you need and also giving your space and privacy when that is needed.  I highly recommend Aimee as a doula for anyone.  She is respectful of everyone's birth plan and does what is needed for you personally." ~J.T.



"Aimee is a wonderful doula.  She helped me through the birth of my son last summer (July 2012).  My husband and I really enjoyed our prenatal visits with her; she was always on time and very professional, but also warm and caring.  During my labor she was amazing.  She has a beautiful touch, her massage and hands on touch really helped me to relax and stay focused.  When I felt like I couldn't continue (I had a natural birth with no pain medications) she encouraged me and reminded me how much I wanted to birth without drugs.  She also helped my husband help me.  Her presence at our birth gave my husband confidence too.  My favorite thing she did was when I was pushing she turned out the lights in the hospital room, creating a more cozy and peaceful space.  A simple thing, but it helped me relax and made the whole experience feel more personal and less clinical.  After the birth, Aimee was incredibly helpful too.  She knows so much about breastfeeding and her help and advice was essential to getting the nursing relationship off to a good start.  These days many women struggle with breastfeeding; even though breastfeeding took some practice for me I never doubted that it would work and its because I had such strong support.  A big part of that support was Aimee. 

Aimee is a great doula, she is kind, caring and very knowledgeable.  I know she is also deeply respectful of mothers and the choices a mother makes in the birthing process.  Whether you are planning a natural birth, birth with an epidural or a C-Section, Aimee will take good care of you along your way." ~C.L.



"Aimee was also incredibly helpful getting me started and continuing breastfeeding. Of all the things I've done in my life, breastfeeding was, at the beginning, the single most difficult. If not for Aimee's encouragement and her help in accessing resources I'm not sure I would have stuck with it." ~K.I.



"I truly think that my daughter's birth went as well as it did and I feel so positively about it because I felt so emotionally, mentally, and physically supported by Aimee and my husband. We are so deeply appreciative to Aimee for all the help and support she provided to both of us, and definitely give her our highest recommendation. She is fantastic!" ~S.K.



"My husband wasn't sure about the whole doula thing but after meeting with Aimee, he was convinced. Not only did she support me, she supported him-giving him breaks when he physically needed them, giving him encouragement when I was losing it and he was scared, and just helping him know what to do and what to expect." ~K.M.














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