Postpartum Care


Support is an incredibly important part of postpartum recovery. After giving birth, most women do not see their care provider for 6 weeks. While a Doula does not provide medical care, she is specially trained in normal postpartum recovery, newborn care and breastfeeding. She can answer questions, offer guidance and refer to other care providers as necessary. Many families do not have extended family living nearby, partners may need to return to work or recovery from birth may be more difficult than anticipated. Whatever your reason for needing support, a professional, experienced doula can help ease your transition. Experience caring for families welcoming multiples, premature babies, surrogate, same-sex couples, single parents and special needs.



Daytime Support $30/hr


Day shifts are a great time to utilize my varied skills, pick my brain and have additional support around the home so you can focus on learning to care for your newborn. Some common aspects of care are:


  • Feeding support: breastfeeding, bottle feeding or a combination

  • Assistance with newborn care

  • Emotional support specific to the postpartum period

  • Soothing techniques

  • Light housekeeping, such as dishes and laundry

  • Help with nursery set-up

  • Run errands 

  • Assistance with sibling care

  • Bottle/breast pump equipment cleaning and preparation

  • Light meal/snack preparation

Overnight Care $30-$35/hr
Night care differs from daytime care in that it is focused on your sleep. The frequent night wakings of a newborn can be the most difficult adjustment for parents. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, overnight care can help you get the precious sleep you need. Some aspects of overnight care are:
  • Newborn Care

  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding support

  • Laundry

  • Dishes

  • Bottle preparation/cleaning 

  • Breast pump cleaning/set up

  • Other quiet tasks



Aimee Patke-Kubes


Located in Evanston, Aimee serves Chicago, North and Northwest Suburbs and the Northshore.

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